HOMETypical Room and Amenities

Pictures of the rooms

Single room Bath room
Google map Indoor view (single room)
Twin room
Google map Indoor view (twin room)


Room Amenities

Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Towels, Air-conditioning, Color Television, High Speed Internet Access in Every Room, Free Wi-Fi, Desk, Desk lamp, Bookshelf, Hair Dryer, Wardrobe, Air purifier, Refrigerator, and new en-suite bath room and toilet.

Hotel Amenities

Coin laundry There are 2 washing machines and a dryers on the fifth floor.
PC There is a laptop computer beside the front desk. (FREE to use)
Printer There is a printer beside the front desk.  (Printing is FREE of charge)
Vending machine You can buy juice and beer, 24 hours a day.
Kitchen area There is a kitchen area on 2nd floor.
Microwave oven There is a microwave oven on the second floor.
Refrigerator There is a refrigerator in each room.
Facsimile You can pay to use the facsimile service at the front desk.


Car parking space

There is off street parking in front of the hotel. (can park 10 cars), at a cost of 1,000yen / per night

Additional Services

Bathrobe A light cotton Japanese style bathrobe. 150 yen for as long as you use it.
Toothbrush/razor Offered for free at the front desk.
Umbrella lending service For as long as you stay with us, you can borrow our umbrellas for free!
Umbrella Sales If you want to buy an umbrella at any time,  they are only 300yen.
Luggage delivery service You can send baggage to and from the hotel to Kyoto Station. 750yen per bag.

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