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Special Times to visit

The end of March-April

The arrival of Spring is marked by the flowering of the Cheery Blossom, for which Japan is famous. You can see beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom at Hirano and Yasaka Shrine.
Mid. August

Five giant bonfires, in the shape of characters are set alight. This signifies the moment when the spirits of deceased family members, who have visited this world during the festival of O-Bun, return to the spirit world. This is one of the iconic festivals of Kyoto. You can see them from the top of our hotel and the rooms in the north side.
The end of November-December

The autumn leaves in the areas such as Arashiyama, Takao and Ohara are truly incredible!


The Sights You Can't Miss !!

Sight Description Distance from the Hotel
Kinkaku-ji Temple

The temple was originally built in 1397 to serve as a retirement villa for the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, as part of his estate then known as Kitayama. It was his son who converted the building into a Zen temple for the Rinzai school. The temple was burned down twice during the Ōnin War. The Golden Pavilion, or Kinkaku, is a three-story building on the grounds of the temple. The top two stories of the pavilion are covered with a pure gold leaf. The pavilion functions as a shariden: housing relics of the Buddha (Buddha's Ashes). The building is often linked or contrasted with Ginkaku-ji, the Silver Pavilion Temple, which is also located in Kyoto. 10 min. walk
Kitano Tenmangu

Built in 947, this shrine is dedicated to learning. A festival is held on 25th every month, where you can shop at the famous market for everything from plants to second-hand kimonos or even foodstuffs and antiques. Also Famous for its beautiful plum trees.
10 min. walk
Ryuan-ji Temple

This quiet and calm garden, with the unique Japanese use of gravel represents what Buddhism's "Wabi-Sabi"is all about. The garden consists of raked gravel and fifteen moss-covered boulders, which are placed so that, when looking at the garden from any angle (other than from above) only fourteen of the boulders are visible at one time. 15 min. walk
Ninna-ji Temple

From 888 to 1869 it was traditional for reigning Emperors to send a son to the temple to take over as head priest when a vacancy arose.
Most of the surviving buildings date from the 17th century, and include a five-storey pagoda and a plantation of dwarf cherry trees. The temple itself features some beautifully painted screen walls, and a beautiful walled garden.
20 min. walk
The Domoto Art Gallery of Impressionism

This art museum, with its unique chalk exterior, is located at the foot of Mt. Kinugasa. The entire building, from the exterior to the interior, was designed by Insho Domoto, a master of modern Japanese painting and recipient of the Order of Culture. The museum contains 2,000 works of art, including Japanese painting and handicrafts. The building itself is the most magnificent work of art that Insho left behind. 10 min. walk

Arashiyama is a pleasant, touristy district at the outskirts of Kyoto. Its landmark is the wooden (now partially concrete) Togetsukyo Bridge with forested Mount Arashiyama as backdrop. There are many things to see and do in the Arashiyama area. Tenryuji, a leading Zen temple, shops, cafes and restaurants are found in the district's busy center around Togetsukyo Bridge and Keifuku Arashiyama Station. North of the central area, there are bamboo groves and a residential district with several small temples, scattered along the base of the wooded mountains. The area with its rural feel is best explored on foot, or by rental bicycle (around 700 Yen per day) or on a rickshaw (around 8000 Yen for 30 minutes for 2 persons). 15 min. Drive
20 min. Train
Kyoto Studio Park
(Toei Uzumasa Eigamura)

Just like Hollywood!! A video-shooting studio for Japanese traditional TV dramas and movies. You can be a Samurai warrior and Ninja if you really want to!! There are whole streets depicting Edo Period town scenes, a replica of the old Nihonbashi Bridge, a traditional court house, a Meiji Period police box and part of the former Yoshiwara red light district. Actual film shooting takes place occasionally, and park visitors are welcome to observe the action. 15 min. Drive
 use public transport

These sights are located within about 7km of the hotel

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